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How to Install a Director’s Chair Canvas

When you receive your Replacement Canvas be sure to check your order for accuracy. Open the packaging delicately this way the canvas can be returned easily, in case there are problems when fitting the seat and back.

  • Open the chair frame about halfway open so you have slack to put the canvas on
  • Put the seat on first – by inserting the sticks in the fabric
  • Slide the seat evenly on both sides into the seat rail slot
  • Even up the front of the canvas with the chair front

If it is difficult to insert:

  • Check that the sticks are not past the seams if so, then cut the sticks off just inside the seams.
  • You might have to get a smaller dowel (remember, the hardware store has these) if it is too large with the fabric.

Once you have the seat in it’s place:

  • Slide the back canvas over the posts and leave about a half inch of the post at the top
  • Open the chair all the way, pushing apart the seat rails

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